“Masterfully exposes the mythic underpinnings of the human crises and awakens our imagination to the possibilities now at hand.”
–David Korten, author of The Great Turning
“A powerful guide through the violence and brilliance of the past up to the present and beyond – a beautiful piece of work.”
– Barbara Marx Hubbard, author, Conscious Evolution and Birth 2012 and Beyond
“Anodea Judith is one of the great sacred storytellers of this generation. She is engaged in the most urgent work of our time: to re-narrate the great story of our being and becoming in a way that allows us to see the patterns that connect and to chart a course for a better tomorrow. She is at once sage, shaman and seer. Read this book now.”
– Dr. Marc Gafni, author, Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment

Here is a bold prophetic vision – indeed, a new myth for our time. Digging into the distant past, and ranging far ahead into our promising future, author Anodea Judith explains how and why we are undergoing a profound global initiation. This collective rite of passage, she shows, will unravel our world system based on the love of power and deliver us to one based on the power of love.

An updated edition of Judith’s 2006 bestseller –
the winner of the coveted Nautilus Gold Award!

$19.95 Paperback – Available July 1, 2013
$9.95 eBook (all formats)-now available!
349 pages, with 10 illustrations • Shift Books
ISBN: 978-0-9848407-6-2

Anodea Judith, PhD has been called a prophet for our time. A worldwide workshop leader and speaker on personal and planetary transformation, she is best known for her pioneering work bridging Eastern and Western psychology through the chakra system. Her books are considered the definitive Western works on the subject and have been translated into 15 languages, with nearly a million books in print worldwide. (Wheels of Life; Eastern Body-Western Mind; The Sevenfold Journey, The Illuminated Chakras, Creating on Purpose). Historian, mythologist, psychologist, philosopher, and gifted teacher, she blends scholarly research with penetrating insight to articulate a compelling vision for the future.

Just Ahead: An Awakened Global Heart

What has brought humanity to this turning point? And what will it take to mature as a species? To find out, Judith guides us on a tour de force journey. She illumines each passing era of human history with a rich variety of exploratory lenses, including archetypal psychology, gender “valences,” and the seven levels of the chakra system-whose center and goal is the awakened heart.

Judith concludes with a compelling vision of how the emergent organizing principle of the power of love will integrate the divorced polarities of masculine and feminine and heaven and earth-resulting in an exciting new synthesis that’s steering us toward harmony and wholeness.

“Demonstrates convincingly that our collective transformational challenge mirrors the one facing individuals: to use all our capacities-physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual-manifesting as the awakening of the global heart.”
John Stewart, author of The Evolutionary Manifesto
“Read this book and help save our world."
Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief
Waking the Global Heart offers us a powerful template for personal and collective transformation. Highly recommended.”
Sally Kempton, Author of Awakening Shakti